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How do I get a Family Card?

First of all you must be a current consumer card holder with Security BankCard Center. If you do not currently have an account then you can apply for a credit card now.

If you are a current account holder then you can fill out the Family Card Addendum and fax it to (405) 217-7543 or mail it to P.O. Box 6139 Norman, OK 73070. Get the Family Card Addendum.

What does the Family Card cost? (up front and monthly fees)
There are no additional costs for a Family Card. The same rates and fees for your current Security BankCard Center Credit Card still apply.
How many authorized users can I have?
You can have up to 18 authorized users tied to your account.
How many users can be assigned to a card?
The primary card can have a co-owner of the account, but each additional account will have only one authorized user. You can have up to 18 authorized users.
If I am a current credit card holder, will I get a new card if I enroll in the Family Card plan?
No, your card number will stay the same. Each authorized user will receive a new card with a different account number.
How do I change the monthly limits for a user?
You can easily change the monthly limits by logging into your account at or you can call us during normal business hours at 1-800-356-8085.
Is there a minimum or maximum limit that I can give an authorized user?
There is no minimum limit that you can give your authorized users. You can give them $5 a month if you like. The maximum limit you can give them is the credit limit that the parent account was approved for.
Can I earn rewards points by making purchases with the Family Card?
Yes. The primary cardholder can redeem all of the points on the account, but the points can be earned by all of the cards related to that Family Card account.
What kind of credit card is compatible with the Family Card plan?

The Visa Classic, MasterCard Classic, Visa Gold, and Visa Platinum are all compatible with the Family Card plan.

Family Card is not available for First Edition accounts, Corporate accounts, or Purchasing Card accounts.

What happens if one card is lost or stolen?

If a card is lost or stolen it will only affect that account and all other accounts in a family card structure will not be affected. So for example if the parent lost their card then the children’s cards would not be affected and they could still use them.

Please report any lost or stolen card as soon as possible by calling 1-800-356-8085.

Will all issued cards for an account expire on the same date?
Not necessarily. If you are a current cardholder and add Family Card to your account at a later date then the expiration date for your authorized users may not be the same as yours.
Can other users, besides family, use this card?
Yes. This is a great service that could be used to give a card to a nanny that cares for your children, a caregiver that cares for your parents, or you could even set up a family card so that you have a separate account number for making online purchases, but still only have one bill. There are a variety of ways the Family Card account can be used. For more information please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-356-8085 during normal business hours.
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