The Arvest Family of Companies

The Arvest family of companies provides you with a complete range of financial services. Although they serve many different functions for the consumer, they all share the commitment to quality service and they focus on taking care of the customer.

Arvest Wealth Management

Arvest Wealth Management helps people make careful, consultative investment decisions you can live with—today and for years to come.

At Arvest Wealth Management, we have the tools, resources, and expertise you need to manage every financial aspect of your life: from stocks, bonds, and life insurance to retirement planning and estate settlement and everything in between. Best of all, you will have one Client Advisor orchestrating all the different Arvest Wealth Management capabilities. One person who knows you, knows your goals, and works hard to help you meet them.

Our focus is to provide our Client Advisors with the technology and information necessary to provide you, the investor, with the best service possible. Some people would call this approach innovative, but at Arvest Wealth Management we simply call it working in your best interest. We’re working to help build your wealth, working to help manage your wealth, and working to help protect your wealth.

That's Arvest Wealth Management, your lifetime financial partner.

Arvest Bank - Mortgage Division

Throughout our history, Arvest has provided financing for borrowers to purchase a new home in their local community. In 2013 alone, Arvest helped thousands buy a new home or improve their financial situation through refinancing by lending more than $2.2 billion in home loans. Arvest offers originations and loan servicing for both secondary market and bank portfolio loans.

Home loan borrowers experience firsthand the personalized service, quick response and efficient processing of their mortgages. One of the things that makes Arvest unique is that we retain the servicing of more than 99% of the loans we originate. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your loan will most likely be serviced locally rather than be transferred to an unknown mortgage servicing company, and you will continue to receive the same quality Arvest service for the entire term of your loan.

No matter the home loan need, Arvest has the product for any situation.

Arvest Credit Card Division

The Arvest Credit Card Division has provided credit card services for more than 30 years. Whether it is a personal Visa credit card or a commercial Visa credit card, Arvest Credit Card Division is here to meet your needs. We also offer Merchant Services so that any business can offer credit card acceptance.

Customers have a valuable package of financial products, travel benefits and services designed just for them. We have a flexible Rewards program that gives members the ability to choose how they want to redeem their points. The customer can enjoy a world of savings, security and convenience.

Arvest Credit Card Division offers competitive credit card products and exceptional support that exceeds the financial expectations of our customers.

Arvest Equipment Finance

When your company needs new or used equipment to get the job done, a lease program may be the answer to your financing needs. At Arvest Bank, our finance experts can help you with customized solutions to fit all your equipment financing needs, including selecting the terms and type of lease that will provide you with the financial benefits that fit your needs.

Arvest Central Mortgage Company

Arvest Central Mortgage Company has an established history and sound financials and is a highly regarded servicer of residential mortgage loans. The Company is an approved servicer of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae loans and is in good standing with HUD and the VA. Additionally, Moody's Investors Service has rated the Company as an SQ2 primary servicer of prime residential mortgage loans. Fitch Ratings has rated the Company as an RPS 2 + residential mortgage primary servicer rating for its prime product.

Our strategy is simple; we are dedicated to doing it right each and every time. From our core values: communicate openly and strive for excellence to our quality standards, we want to be the best. We have invested heavily in our technology, trained our associates, established proficient policies, procedures, and practices, and are poised to exceed your expectations. Our continuous improvement perspective further supports our infrastructure in serving the customer in a results-oriented manner. Let us show you we are the best.

Arvest Dealer Division

Arvest Dealer Division, established in 1990, is a sector of Arvest Bank Group that develops, maintains and grows an indirect loan portfolio to meet the needs of both internal and external customers. Arvest Dealer Division has a network of more than 250 dealers in four states - Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri. Our Dealer Division has more than 25 associates with locations in Arkansas and Oklahoma.