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How do I sign up for mobile alerts?
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Arvest Go mobile banking app does not currently support mobile alerts. However, you can utilize inbox alerts through Arvest Go by selecting the menu in the top right corner of the app, select Connect, then select Alerts. You can set up, manage, view, and edit all alerts that are available. Please note that changes to alerts made in the app are automatically made in Online Banking with BlueIQ™ as well.
For Arvest Classic mobile banking app users, mobile banking alerts are managed within the mobile banking tab inside Online Banking with BlueIQ™. Be sure and register your mobile phone and email address in mobile banking to take advantage of all alerts available. Once your phone or email is enrolled, you have options to create and manage your alerts.
Log in to Arvest Online Banking with BlueIQ™, select the Settings tab, then select Alerts
Click the Alerts tile in the Mobile Banking App
Click the Manage Alerts link in your Mobile Web browser

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