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How should I format Mobile Banking text messages I send to Arvest?
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Text and SMS banking is not supported with our newest app, Arvest Go.

However, if you are using our older app, Arvest Classic. Please keep the following in mind.

Avoid using a signature: Many phones have the capability of attaching a signature to your outgoing text messages, similar to a signature you may have attached to your outgoing email. In order to receive reliable results, you must remove the signature from messages you send us.

Avoid replying to a previous Arvest text message: Unless the message you received specifically instructs you to “Reply with a response”, always send a new message to Arvest. Replying to any previous text messages may include additional text that isn’t visible to you when you write the text message, but will make it unreadable to Arvest. To get the best results, always send new messages to Arvest [36272], unless specifically prompted to do otherwise.

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