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What are Account Nicknames in online banking and mobile banking?
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You are able to create your own unique account nicknames in online and mobile banking in order to easily identify and differentiate between your accounts.

Arvest Go mobile banking utilizes the nicknames setup in Online Banking with BlueIQ™. If nicknames are changed in the Arvest Go app, they also change in the Online Banking with BlueIQ™.

For Arvest Classic mobile banking, account nickname must be unique, contain one to eight characters and can include letters or numbers, but not spaces or special characters.

Important Tip: Choose short nicknames that are easy to type on your mobile device (e.g. ch1, ch2, sav, and mm).  If you have already set up account nicknames within Online Banking with BlueIQ™, your nicknames on Arvest Classic mobile app may show up as an abbreviation.

Please note: the Arvest Classic mobile app has been removed from app stores and will no longer work beginning this fall. Our new replacement app, Arvest Go, is available now for both iPhone® or Android™ devices. For more information, please visit Download Arvest Go today!

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