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What if someone else tries to use my mobile phone to access my mobile banking?
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The following applies to Arvest Classic mobile banking: If you use mobile text/SMS banking AND if the other person knows where you banked and knows your bank’s shortcode number, they could conceivably check your balance or transfer money between YOUR accounts. For extra privacy, regularly delete your old text messages.

If you are using one of our apps, the other person would have to know your login ID and password. Never share this information with anyone. DO NOT store this information on your mobile device and close out of your sessions after using mobile banking.

Text and SMS banking is not supported with Arvest Go mobile banking.

If another person would like to use your app to log in to their own Arvest accounts, this would be possible. They would need to know their login ID and password as well as the challenge questions to log in to their own accounts on your phone.

Please note: the Arvest Classic mobile app has been removed from app stores and will no longer work beginning this fall. Our new replacement app, Arvest Go, is available now for both iPhone® or Android™ devices. For more information, please visit Download Arvest Go today!

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