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What happens if a check overdraws my account?
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Arvest Bank provides the peace of mind of overdraft coverage to our customers (conditions and fees may apply).  In the event that a check, automatic debit, check card purchase, etc., is presented for payment, yet your account balance does not have matching or sufficient funds to cover the item amount, the payment will be paid by Arvest (up to a specified dollar amount) and a $17 dollar overdraft fee will be applied to your account (for the first item and any other items (maximum daily charge for 8 items) that are paid while the balance is overdrawn).

Learn more about your overdraft coverage options.  You may also contact us at (866) 952-9523, or visit your local Arvest branch if you have questions about overdrafts.

If you write a check on your account for more than the total funds available, the check may not process when deposited and may be returned. In this case, a $17 insufficient funds fee may be assessed per item returned. If you have a question about a returned check, please contact us at (866) 952-9523 for assistance.

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