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How do I deposit a check?
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Depositing a check is simple. One of the most important steps in depositing a check is endorsing (signing the back) prior to depositing it. If the check is made out to you or someone else, either of you can endorse the check for deposit. However, if a check is made out to you and someone else, you are both required to endorse the check unless you’re both on the account you’re depositing the item into. In situations when you have a check from your insurance company and the item is made payable to you and another bank or mortgage company, you will need to make sure to have all endorsements before depositing the check.

A check can be deposited at any Arvest branch location, most Arvest ATMs or on your iPhone or Android device using Mobile Check Deposit.

Please note that you no longer need to complete a paper deposit slip in order to deposit funds into your personal or business accounts with Arvest. To make a deposit in branch or in the drive thru, you can simply provide the associate with your deposit and one of the following:

  • Account number
  • Government-issued identification
  • Arvest debit card

Additionally, you can make account withdrawals and loan payments in-branch and in the drive thru without filling out a paper form.

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