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How do I roll an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) over to Arvest Bank?
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There are options for you to consider when rolling over an IRA.

  1. As the IRA account owner, you are able to contact the current IRA trustee/custodian (commonly known as the other financial institution where your IRA is located) and request a transfer to Arvest, specifically if you already have an IRA open at Arvest Bank.
  2. If you do not already have an IRA open at Arvest Bank, you may visit any Arvest branch and discuss IRAs available with an associate.  The associate can help you open a new IRA and complete an IRA transfer request from the other financial institution.  If you would like an Arvest associate to help you transfer your IRA, we’re happy to help!  We ask that you bring your current IRA (or other retirement plan) information and recent statement, including account number, to Arvest in order to complete the transfer request form.

Some rollovers are not allowed in certain circumstances.  Some non-Arvest retirement plan holders may require you to submit a request for rollover on their form.  For assistance with your rollover, please call Customer Service at (866) 952-9523, or visit any Arvest branch location for more information.

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