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How do I get help with my debit or ATM card?
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NOTICE:  If your Arvest debit card was declined when trying to make a purchase that requires a billing address or zip code, you now need to enter your physical address (or the zip code associated with your physical address) if it is different than your mailing address, to complete your purchase.  This change is the result of an update to our card processing system; we sincerely apologize for any frustration this may cause when using your debit card for these purchases.

To get help with your Arvest debit card or ATM card for any other reason, please visit a nearby branch location or call Customer Service at (866) 952-9523.

Note that as of Jan. 12, 2018, we will no longer issue or replace ATM cards. Users can continue to use existing ATM cards until March 31, 2018. After that date, our systems will no longer support ATM cards.

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