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What is an e-bill?
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An electronic bill, which is also called an e-bill, is a bill that you can view and pay within Online Banking. It typically contains the same information as a paper bill or statement.

Quick Facts About e-bills:

  • When you add an e-bill, we send the information as a request to your recipient. After your request has been processed, you receive an e-bill in a month or more, depending on your billing cycle.
  • You can access your e-bills on the BillPay & Transfers E-Bills page. Some recipients can also send e-bill to your email address.
  • Some recipients stop sending paper bills when they start sending e-bills. Other recipients continue to send paper bills in addition to your e-bills.
  • When you receive e-bills, the bill appears on the BillPay & Transfers E-Bills page as soon as we receive it from your recipient.
  • Some recipients let you pay your e-bills automatically.
    • To setup go to the E-Bills page under BillPay & Transfers
    • Select the recipient
    • Then Add Auto Pay button
  • After you add an e-bill, you cannot change your recipient account number. If the recipient has changed your account number, check your BillPay recipient information to see if it has been updated automatically. If the account number has not been updated, you must delete the recipient and add the recipient with the new account number.


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