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Which Arvest cards can I add in Apple Pay?
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The following Arvest cards can be added in Apple Pay:

  • Arvest Debit Card – All debit cards can be added to Apple Pay.  This includes the standard, blue Arvest debit card, as well as affinity and specialty cards.  The standard, blue Arvest debit card represents all personal debit cards in Apple Pay.  So if you have a debit card with an affinity or specialty design as your plastic card, it does not appear with that design in Apple Pay.  Still, the last four digits of your card appear at the bottom of the standard, blue Arvest debit card image in Apple Pay to help you know the correct card was added.

You may add up to eight eligible debit and/or credit cards in Apple Pay.

Arvest chip-enabled debit or credit cards are compatible with Apple Pay.  

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