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If I have both personal and business credit cards, can I pool my Arvest Flex Rewards points?
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You cannot pool points across personal and business accounts.

In most circumstances, you can pool personal credit card points across multiple personal Arvest Flex RewardsTM credit cards. You can also pool points that fall under the same Arvest business credit card account.

To pool your points, please contact a customer service representative at (800) 356-8085.  Check your points balance online by logging into your Arvest Flex Rewards™ account or by calling (800) 356-8085 and selecting the Arvest Flex Rewards™ option.

Arvest Bank Flex RewardsTM personal credit card holders can access the rewards site by logging into their credit card account and selecting the Arvest Flex Rewards™ link.

Business credit card holders can log into their rewards account here.

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