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What should I do if an online BillPay recipient has not applied my payment?
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You should allow at least five business days for a recipient to receive your payment. If a recipient does not apply your payment after five business days from your scheduled payment date, first verify you have provided the most current account number and address. If the information is correct, call the recipient directly to make sure your payment and statement didn't cross in the mail. Please make sure to get a contact name and number so we can follow up on the payment for you.

The recipient may not credit your account immediately upon receiving a payment. It can take a few days for the recipient's payment system to apply the credit to your account. Wait a few days after the scheduled pay date to see if the payment has been credited to your account.

If the payment is not credited after five days, call the recipient's customer service. If the problem still isn't resolved, contact Arvest Customer Service at (844) 225-8347 or by sending us a secure message in Arvest Online Banking.  When you contact us, please provide your recipient’s name, verified account number, payment date/amount, contact name and telephone number. We'll work to resolve the situation with your payee and will respond to you with the results.


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