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Does Google Pay keep my Arvest debit card information more secure?
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There are many ways that Google Pay™ works to keep your information safe.

  • Your payment information is encrypted and stored on secure servers, according to Google.
  • Each debit card you add to Google Pay™ gets assigned a virtual account number that merchants see when you make a purchase, so your actual information is not shared with merchants.
  • Every purchase on your compatible Android phone requires you to unlock your device. If you turn off your screen lock feature, Google Pay™ removes your cards for your protection. Also, if your device has been turned off, lost, or otherwise inactive in the last 90 days, then your Arvest debit cards will be deleted for your security.
  • Google Pay™ does not store your Arvest debit card details on your phone, so anyone who finds or steals your phone won’t be able to access that information, even if your device is unlocked.

Learn more here about Google Pay™ security and privacy.

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