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Does Arvest offer account alerts?
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Arvest does offer account alerts. You can select from many types of alert messages to help you conveniently manage your account.

In the Arvest Go mobile banking app, you can select which types of alert messages you want to receive and select where each type is sent:  

  1. To your alert inbox within the app 
  2. And/or to your email inbox
  3. And/or have them sent to display on your lock screen as Push Notifications. (Push Notifications will display on your lock screen whether or not you have the Arvest Go app open.)

You can select from many types of alerts:

  • Account Balance 
  • Balance Threshold (Notifies you when balance goes below or above)
  • Credit/Deposit
  • Merchant Activity (Notifies you when transaction occurs for specified merchant)
  • Transaction Amount Exceeds
  • Payment Scheduled
  • Successful Transfer
  • Plus additional convenient options

Please note that changes to alerts made in the app are automatically made in Online Banking with BlueIQ™ as well.

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