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How do I enroll in and use Arvest BillPay?
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Select the tab labeled BillPay & Transfers, then the Enroll for BillPay tab and complete the sign up process. Within seconds you are ready to set up recipients and schedule payments.

Setting up recurring payments is a great feature of BillPay. Save time and ensure bills are paid on time. You can send a payment to a payee at the frequency you specify. Your payments will continue to be sent according to your instructions until you stop the payment.

Here are a few helpful tips on our bill pay services:

  • An electronic payment will give you more control over when the money is taken from your Arvest account. These payments are debited from your Arvest account on the day it is sent to the biller. 
  • check payment is sent to the payee ahead of the Scheduled Payment Date to make certain it is received on time. You should record the payment in your check register and deduct the amount from your balance when you schedule it. We will debit your Arvest account when the biller presents the check to us for payment. Arvest Bank has no control over when the biller will present the check for payment.

For more information, please read the Terms and Conditions for BillPay.    

If you need help signing up for Arvest Online BillPay, please call Customer Service at (844) 225-8347.

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