Sweep Services

Sweep Services

Put Excess Cash Balances to Work

Arvest offers several sweep services that put idle cash to work. Our options will help your company maintain optimal liquidity.

Sweeps automatically transfer funds between accounts based on set parameters. Excess funds can be automatically “swept” into other accounts to pay down lines of credit, cover subsidiary accounts or invest. Funds will be swept back into your operating account as needed.

Target Balance Account (TBA): Establish a balance threshold for your designated checking account. Target balances may also be set to cover monthly service fees or at zero (also known as a Zero Balance Account). Each TBA typically serves a specific operational purpose, such as payroll, and can also be used to distinguish between departments or locations within a business.

Line of Credit Loan Sweep: Link a line of credit to your checking account to help guarantee funds will be available to cover incoming debits, reduce interest expense, and improve your cash flow.

Investment Sweep Options: Collected funds in excess of established target balances will be swept to an interest-bearing investment vehicle of choice at nightly processing to earn interest. Available funds will be swept back to your account to cover daily expenditures.

Cash Maximizer: Automated liquidity management solution to help minimize interest expense while offering a range of investment options for excess cash balances. The Cash Maximizer solution combines a two-way Line of Credit Loan Sweep with an available Investment Sweep option.

Key Benefits of Sweep Services:

  • Maximize excess funds potential
  • Reduce time and costs associated with monitoring daily liquidity
  • Avoid rejected payments due to insufficient funds

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