Employee Benefits & Retirement Services

Time to updgrade your equipment? Arvest offers great rates such as 4.63%.
Time to updgrade your equipment? Arvest offers great rates such as 4.63%.

Employee Benefits and Retirement Services

Determine the Right Plan for Your Business

Benefits are a “must have” in today’s world of attracting and retaining qualified applicants. Employer Advantage is a professional service provider who can help you select a benefit plan for your business.

With Employer Advantage, you can navigate the troubled and complicated waters of regulation, insurance and claims. If you are satisfied with your current benefit status, Employer Advantage can relieve you of the time-consuming administrations of benefits already in place.

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  • Employee Health and Welfare – Assistance is available in selecting and implementing the  benefit plans for your company
  • Benefit Plan Administration – Employer Advantage will strive to select and administer the plan that suits your organization

Employer Advantage uses a three-step process:

  1. Perform a business analysis for the potential client. This helps EA better understand the nature of the business and determine what services would most benefit the client.
  2. EA prepares a basic business proposal of services, detailing services offered.
  3. Create a client service agreement, clearly defining EA’s role in the newly created partnership.

Employer Advantage has a staff of more than 50 team members, all of whom are trained and specialize in the different areas of the business of employment. Call us today to learn more about how Employer Advantage can help your business.

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