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The Regional Index of Consumer Sentiment follows the methodology of the University of Michigan Index of Consumer Sentiment, using five Key questions to evaluate consumer expectations and current economic conditions. The percent of respondents giving favorable minus the percent giving unfavorable replies are rounded to the nearest whole number and added to 100. These numbers are divided by the weighting from the University of Michigan survey (6.7558) and added to 2 (for consistency with the original index).

There are also two sub-indexes that can be calculated: the Index of Current Economic Conditions and the Index of Consumer Expectations.

The Arvest Consumer Sentiment Survey adds additional questions to provide some context for these numbers. These questions involve purchasing plans for major household items, the current status and types of consumer debt outstanding, plans for taking an additional consumer debt, perceptions of credit conditions, current savings habits, planning savings behavior, and a set of demographic questions.

The questions are presented through 1,200 total completed telephone surveys divided between landlines (70%) and cellular telephones (30%). The surveys are equally divided to include 400 responses in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri (including portions of metro Kansas City in Kansas). Each survey has a margin of error of 4.2 percent at the state level.