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Managing Your Credit During Difficult Circumstances

Let’s face it, debt can cause stress and put undue strains on your life. This may be especially true during difficult circumstances.

The good news is there are steps you can take to reduce that stress. There also are organizations whose mission is to help you overcome any financial obstacles you may be dealing with and to put the stress and strain behind you.

Credit Counseling of Arkansas (CCOA) is one such organization and, despite its name, it offers help to clients throughout the Arvest Bank footprint and 19 states in total. CCOA’s “Reach to Enrich” program*, in particular, is designed to reach the communities it serves with financial help and to enrich households with better money skills.

The “Reach to Enrich” program is based on the premise that knowing and understanding your own personal financial story is the first step to securing a sense of financial security and thus improving your quality of life. It’s also important to know your financial story is more than just the amount of your take-home pay and your bills, your credit score or even your total net worth.

Like any story, your personal financial story is dependent on the details. Understanding these details and how they impact your story takes some work, but with the help of the financial professionals at CCOA, you can begin to write new chapters.

“Reach to Enrich” is built on these four steps:

  • Review your financial story – By answering some relatively easy questions, you can get a better idea of how to prioritize your finances.
  • Plan your next financial chapter – Once you know your current financial standing and priorities, you can establish a monthly budget to stay on track.
  • Conquer your financial challenges – Now it’s time to act. CCOA counselors are ready to provide advice on how to lower payments, eliminate late fees and make sure creditors do not pursue collection efforts, among other recommendations.
  • Build your credit to improve your financial story – Understanding what credit is, how it affects your financial story and how to build good credit may help you write a happier ending than you imagined.

Accessing the CCOA professionals who can help you explore the “Reach to Enrich” program is easy. You can visit the CCOA website and its Financial Skills Center*, in particular, to learn more.

Don’t let debt place stress and strain on your life. Get to work rewriting your own personal financial story today.

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