7 Quick Tips – Avoiding Thieves While Traveling

  1. Receipts – Don’t leave credit/debit card receipts on the table at restaurants. Sign them and give to the server. Keep a copy for yourself.
  2. Wallets – A lost or stolen wallet often leads to identity theft. Instead of carrying yours in a pocket or loose in a bag, use a travel pouch that’s worn inside your shirt.
  3. Checks – Don’t travel with your checkbook. It’s unnecessary and clearing up a checking account that has been taken over can be a real nightmare.
  4. Camera Phones – Camera phones are frequently used by thieves to steal information. Keep important financial information out of view when in public.
  5. Mail – Put your mail on hold when you travel. Arrange for it to be picked up by you at the post office upon your return.
  6. Hotels – Lock all valuables in a safe when you are out. This includes anything containing your personal information. Carry these items on your person when entering and leaving the hotel.
  7. Airplanes – Do not put any items containing your Social Security number, card numbers or financial institution account numbers in checked luggage.

This content has been provided by Financial Wisdom and is intended to serve as a general guideline.