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Refinance Your Home With Confidence

Deciding if a mortgage refinance is the right choice for you? Refinancing your mortgage may provide multiple benefits including lowering your interest rate, reducing the term of your loan, building equity and more. 

  • Lowering your rate by as little as 0.50% may save you thousands in compound interest
  • Lowering your loan term by 10 years may build your equity in the first 60 payments
  • Cash-out refinance options provide flexibility to consolidate or pay off debt, home improvements or assist with other financial needs

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Arvest is here to make your refinancing process easy, convenient and personal. We know how important it is to work with a team you can trust – a team that understands your individual needs. Whatever your refinancing goals may be, Arvest provides the confidence you’ll need to reach them.

So give us a call. We're here to help. Our team is available to talk in real time Monday–Friday from 8:00am to 7:00pm CST. We're ready to provide knowledgeable and convenient customer service for all of your mortgage needs, no matter where you are in the process.

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Reasons Arvest is the Right Choice for You

Our home loan specialists will help find a solution for your needs.

We have more than 50 years of home-lending experience with a dedicated internal lending team. Our home loan specialists will help you lock your rate up to 60 days prior to closing on your refinance.

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Before refinancing your home loan, consider your goal in refinancing, estimated value of your home, current mortgage payments, amount of property taxes paid and other factors, such as a second mortgage, annual insurance premiums, etc.

Financing is available for qualified customers based on income and credit qualifications. Using home equity to pay off non-mortgage debt could increase monthly mortgage payments while lowering the amount of each payment that goes toward principal. The total you pay per month toward debt could decrease, though a higher debt balance would now be tied to your home, potentially for a longer term. For your specific scenario, contact a mortgage specialist.