Arvest Visa® Contactless Cards

Arvest Visa® Contactless Cards

Secure, Touchless Debit & Credit Card Payments

Arvest Visa® Contactless Debit and Credit Cards provide a cleaner and safer, touchless way to check out that's also fast, easy and completely secure. Simply locate the Contactless Symbol at checkout, tap your card on the contactless-enabled terminal, or hover your card over the terminal for one to two seconds. It's that easy. Please know some merchants also may require you to enter a PIN or sign for your purchase. And, no worries if you don't see the Contactless Symbol at checkout. You can still insert or swipe your card to pay where contactless-enabled terminals are not available.

Current customers who need to activate your new card, please call our 24/7 toll-free activation line.

To activate DEBIT CARDS: (844) 616-2273
To activate PERSONAL CREDIT CARDS*: (866) 686-2125

*Business credit cards do not require activation before use.


Contactless Card Benefits Include:

  • Cleaner and safer – No need to hand your card to a clerk
  • Convenient – When you’re on the go, use your card to pay quickly and securely
  • Fast – Tap to pay in just a few seconds
  • Secure – You can trust the same proven security that protects chip card transactions


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