Arvest Family Card

Arvest Family Credit Card, Family Card, Spending Card

Share Your Credit Line with Family Members

The family card allows an account holder to provide another individual with access to their credit line through a separate card. The primary holder sets a limit for the family card. It’s an ideal solution for parents who want to make sure their teen or college-age family members have funds available when needed, especially in emergencies.

Benefits of the Arvest Family Card include:

  • Flexibility – you set the monthly limit per card
  • Convenience – use anywhere Visa is accepted
  • Security – Each card has a unique number and is much more secure than carrying cash
  • Versatility – Add users and change monthly limits easily at
  • Rewards – Sign up for the optional Arvest Rewards program and earn points on every purchase. Redeem points for a variety of rewards. To sign up for the Arvest Family Card feature, you must be a current cardholder of the Visa® Classic, Visa® Gold or Visa® Platinum credit card. Sign up today!

To apply, please visit your local branch.


  • Find your local arvest branch