Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit

The Equity In Your Home Can Be Borrowing Power

It's never too early nor too late to improve your home. For most people, it's their biggest investment, so it's important to make it as great as it can be. Your home is also a great source of collateral, which means homeowners can use their home equity for any number of personal, family, or household expenses.

Take a look below at the different loans and credit available at Arvest, learn more and apply today! For more information, schedule an appointment or call our personal loan specialists at (855) 662-5626.

Fixed Home Equity Loan

If you have equity in your home, you can use it as collateral to take out a fixed-rate loan. You can use the money to fund a home upgrade, consolidate debt, buy a car, and more. You can lock in your interest rate with our fixed-rate home equity loan with terms up to 7 years.

ARM Home Equity Loan

If you prefer a home equity loan with an adjustable rate after a fixed period, we offer adjustable rate (ARM) loans with terms up to 20 years.

Home Equity Lines Of Credit

This is similar to the Home Equity Loan except instead of receiving all of your funds in one lump sum, you can borrow funds as needed against a line of credit. The interest rate is variable.

Unsecured Loan

With this loan, homeowners may borrow money for home improvements without using any collateral.

Arvest Bank only accepts applications from Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. If you are submitting an application from outside of these areas, we appreciate your interest but cannot offer lending services at this time. However, if the collateral you are purchasing/refinancing is located in our lending area, we may be able to help! Call our lending specialists at (855) 662-5626 to discuss your specific financing needs.

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