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Annuities Can Help Protect Your Retirement Savings

Planning for retirement? An annuity is designed to ensure you will have the funds needed to meet your long-term retirement goals. There are three basic types of annuities. The best one for you depends on your individual situation and needs.

Fixed Annuity – Pays you no less than a specified interest rate. For more conservative investors, a safe and steady way to grow assets at a fixed rate of interest with a tax deferral.

Variable Annuity – You choose from a wide range of investment options, professional portfolio management, tax deferral, income options, and death benefits. Variable annuities can help increase your income for retirement and make it last a lifetime.

Immediate Income Annuities – Want to create a secure income during retirement? Make one purchase payment and begin receiving annuity payments soon after. You can choose the payout period, including a lifetime income.

Additional Considerations Include:

  • Company rating – Is the company reputable and highly rated?
  • Premium protection – Will it pay back as much as you invested?
  • Cost of living protection – Is inflation decreasing your future lifestyle?
  • Joint and survivor benefits – Are your loved ones protected?

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