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Trustee or Co-Trustee Services

Trustee or Co-Trustee Services

Professional Trust Management Can Benefit Your Estate

Being named as trustee may initially be regarded as quite a compliment. And in many ways, it is. However, serving as a trustee comes with many responsibilities and requires a significant time commitment.

It is not uncommon for people who are named as an individual trustee to be uncomfortable in their new role. Managing a trust is often a full-time job and an individual may be too busy with his or her own affairs to manage it properly. Also, an inexperienced individual can make an innocent mistake costing beneficiaries thousands of dollars and/or expose the trustee to personal liability.

Individual trustees often turn to a corporate trustee, such as Arvest Bank, for assistance and professional management. We invite you to take advantage of our professional expertise and experience, while staying involved in the management of a trust.

The Benefits of Working with Arvest

Experience and Resources

Arvest Bank offers a full complement of trust services. Our employees bring a wealth of experience to every trust they administer, and are able to provide you with investment advice and a wide range of resources (including expertise in tax, accounting, and real estate management).

Investment Expertise

Our investment officers have many years of experience managing trust assets. With their collective knowledge, experience and resources they will recommend the investment strategy that best meets the requirements of the trust, the laws governing trust investments, and the needs of the beneficiaries.


Our administration teams work together for you seamlessly. You need not worry about your primary contact at the bank being unavailable at any given time. The team members will respond to your needs immediately.


Arvest Bank is objective and neutral. A family member or family friend can sometimes find it difficult to be impartial.

Peace of Mind

Your life will be easier because you’ve hired a team of experts who will remain objective and professional in the full-time administration of the trust and its assets.

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