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    Arvest is a Different Kind of Bank

    At Arvest we believe in making things easy on our customers - which makes us a different kind of bank than you're used to. We're welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable, fun and easy to deal with while providing a better value than larger banks. We also provide services some smaller banks cannot. Our people are uncommonly nice in how we work with and treat you, our valued customer.

    Arvest is committed to supporting our local communities. Learn more about Arvest Bank.

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    We Make Banking Easy

    We've got what your family needs:

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    Account Features

    We want to make sure you have services to support your banking needs, including:

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    How to Switch Banks

    Changing banks is an exciting and enjoyable experience when you are making the switch to Arvest! Our friendly associates will stay engaged and help you along the way. Need help transferring your direct deposits? Our online resource, ClickSWITCH, allows you to easily switch your direct deposits and automatic payments to your new account. 

    Learn how to switch today!

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    Arvest Bank Accounts Preferred Club Arvest Club myBlue® Basic Blue™ Free Blue™ Bright Solutions™
    Account Descriptions Our checking account with the most features Enjoy free checks and lots of extras Affordable checking with valuable benefits A paper statement checking account A free checking account with e.Statements A budget friendly, easy-to-manage account
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    Preferred Club
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    Arvest Club
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    Basic Blue™
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    Free Blue™
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    Bright Solutions™
    Monthly Service Charge $18 unless waived†† $12 $6 $3 $0 $5 with e.Statements
    IDProtect®† Yes Yes Yes No No No
    Free Online BillPay* Yes Yes Yes $0.50/ea. $0.50/ea. Yes
    AD&D Insurance $30,000 Family $30,000 Family $10,000 Account holder(s) No No No
    Free Debit Card Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Free Online & Mobile Banking* Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Paper or e.Statements* Choice Choice Choice Paper e.Statements Choice*
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    Preferred Club
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    Arvest Club
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    Basic Blue™
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    Free Blue™
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    Bright Solutions™

    *Additional Account information below

    Balance Requirements
    Bright Solutions™: Minimum to open $25.
    All Other Checking Accounts: Minimum to open $50.

    IDProtect® & Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
    The descriptions herein are summaries only and do not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the benefits described. Please refer to the complete benefit descriptions as well as certificate of insurance for complete details of eligibility, coverage and exclusions. AD&D coverage is provided through the company named in the certificate of insurance. Coverage divides equally on joint accounts and reduces by 50% at age 80. Insurance Products are not insured by the FDIC or any Federal Government Agency; Not a deposit of or guaranteed by the Bank or any Bank Affiliate.

    Online BillPay: Free for Preferred Club, Arvest Club, myBlue® & Bright Solutions™. Bill payments are $0.50 each for Basic Blue™ and Free Blue™.

    Mobile Banking, Mobile Alerts, & Mobile Check Deposit available with checking, savings, and money market accounts. Consult your wireless internet provider about applicable fees for required data plans.

    Non-Arvest ATM Transaction Fees:
    Fees apply to all accounts except Preferred Club. Fees may apply at non-Arvest ATMs or other non-ATM PIN withdrawals or transfers.
    Preferred Club: The Arvest portion of the ATM fee is waived on 6 non-Arvest ATM transactions per statement cycle. ATM owners may charge an additional fee.

    Preferred Club: Earns interest
    All Other Checking Accounts: Do not earn interest

    Free Checks
    myBlue®, Basic Blue™, & Free Blue™ (ages 62+): Account holders must be 62+ to receive free single wallet-style checks. Shipping and handling charges apply. Checks are not offered for Bright Solutions™.
    Preferred Club: Free single wallet or duplicate-style checks available at no charge. A $3 discount is applied to any other personal check type selected.
    Arvest Club: Free single wallet-style checks available at no charge. A $3 discount is applied to any other personal check type selected.

    All checking accounts: To receive an electronic statement you must be enrolled in online banking.
    Free Blue™ e.Statements and online banking are required for this account. If you do not accept the Online Banking terms and conditions and consent to the Use of Electronic Communications, the account will be converted to a Basic Blue account with a $3 monthly service fee.
    Bright Solutions™: e.Statements and online banking are required to qualify for the account’s $5 monthly service charge. Choosing paper statements results in an additional $2 fee for a total monthly service charge of $7.

    Additional Club Package Benefits
    Preferred Club: 2 free Cashier’s Checks and/or Money Orders per day, Safe Deposit Box discount (one box only), Stop pays at no charge, 6 free non-Arvest ATM transactions/statement cycle (ATM owner may charge additional fee)
    Arvest Club: 2 free Cashier’s Checks and/or Money Orders per day, Safe Deposit Box discount (one box only), 1 stop pay at no charge per year
    All Other Checking Accounts: N/A

    Balance to Waive Monthly Service Charge
    ††Preferred Club: $20,000 in consumer deposits or consumer loans OR $25,000 in combined consumer loans & deposits OR $100,000 in mortgage loans OR $50,000 in brokerage assets OR Qualifying managed trusts
    All Other Checking Accounts: N/A

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    Choose Your Account

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    Get Moving and Open a New Bank Account

    Our associates and resources make it easy to choose the bank account that fits your needs. The information on this page can help you make sure you don't forget anything. We strive to help make the account selection simple and easy for you.

    • Relationship benefits - Look for accounts that offer relationship benefits such as checking accounts that earn interest or consumer loans that include discounts.
    • Branch locations and hours - Make sure your bank is convenient to where you live, work or go to school.
    • Account protection - Not all banks are FDIC members, so be sure the one you choose is a member. Look for the Member FDIC logo on their website or in branches at teller windows.
    • Bank online anytime, anywhere - Check balances, transfer funds, pay bills and more - all from your phone.
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    Switching Banks Should be EASY

    When you're ready to change banks, it's going to be awesome! At Arvest, we’re going to be with you every step of the way and help make the switch as easy and enjoyable as possible - we'll even get you a bag of popcorn while you wait!

    Want to switch today? Visit a local branch or schedule an appointment to speak with an Arvest associate.

    • All Arvest customers can access our Switch Kit Checklist and Transfer Worksheet.
    • Direct Deposits - With our automated direct deposit resource, ClickSWITCH, you can be sure you’re getting paid how you want, when you want, where you want. 
    • Learn more about our account options and choose the one that’s right for you.
    Chip Enabled Cards

    Day-to-Day Spending

    Your checking account is where you'll keep your spending money until you're ready to use it for regular expenses. This may include expenses like groceries, electricity, your rent or mortgage, and/or car payment.

    Deposit money and then spend it in ways that are easiest for you. Keep track of your deposits and withdrawals by watching your account statements through online or mobile banking.

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    Savings Accounts can Help You Prepare for The Future

    Your savings account is where you set aside money for the future. Whether you're thinking of saving for a down payment on a house, car or new appliance - it's a safe and convenient way to save and earn interest. When choosing a savings account, you'll want to consider a few things:

    • Interest rate - Savings accounts generally earn interest based on how much money you have in the savings account.
    • Minimum balance - Most savings accounts require a minimum deposit to open an account and may ask that you maintain a minimum balance to avoid a monthly fee.
    • Withdrawal limitations - Know how many withdrawals you can make without incurring fees.

    An Arvest Savings Account makes a great companion to an Arvest Checking Account. Learn more and apply for a Savings Account.

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    We Believe In


    Bank Locally

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    We Believe in the Power of Serving Others

    At Arvest Bank, we believe in the power of community. That’s why we are committed to partnering with and supporting the people and organizations that are making a difference in communities of all kinds.

    We believe that every community deserves a financial partner who cares.

    Arvest Bank. We believe.

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    2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report


    Our 2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report (PDF) showcases how we translate our mission of “People helping people …” into positively impacting the communities we serve.

    We believe that playing an active role in fostering the well-being of our neighbors is key to strengthening our communities and helping people reach their full potential.

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    Arvest Believes in Communities of All Kinds

    We believe all communities deserve a financial partner who cares. That’s why we support and work alongside those who are making our communities better places to live.

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    We Are Local

    We appreciate you as a member of our community. We pride ourselves on staying involved with and supporting our local communities whenever we can.

    Staying local is essential. Choose to switch to Arvest and start banking local today.

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