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Ron Witherspoon Named President of Arvest Bank, Oklahoma City

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (March 10, 2014) - Ron Witherspoon made the trek from Arkansas to Oklahoma two days and eight hours before his set interview time. The icy, unpredictable Oklahoma weather did not affect Witherspoon’s chance. Witherspoon’s early bird attitude sufficiently demonstrated his character, landing him his dream job on a clear Oklahoma day.

Dashing from state to state, event to event, branch to branch, Witherspoon had hardly gotten the chance to settle himself in the new position. Witherspoon made it his personal goal to reach all the branches within the first two weeks. With a determination for growth, outstanding leadership experience, and a dedication to serve, Ron Witherspoon could not be more fitting as the Oklahoma City Arvest President.

Witherspoon’s attitude and leadership strength further enriches Arvest’s culture of helping and continues to fulfill its mission each day. He loyally quotes its mission, “People helping people find financial solutions for life,” with an added emphasis on the people helping people. His passion for Arvest and what it stands for is visibly evident.

The culture at Arvest is in line with Oklahoma’s, the culture of helping one another. Witherspoon draws a connection between Oklahoma and Arvest saying, “It’s a community of friendly people, and friendly faces.”

Jumping between Oklahoma and Arkansas, Witherspoon has been employed at Arvest Bank for the past 16 years and has yet to meet an employee without that same devotion and serving attitude. Witherspoon asserts, “Each and every branch I have visited is full of the same helpful, dedicated people.”

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Witherspoon has always been a friendly people person. He grew up on a cattle ranch outside of Tulsa where he learned hard work and values. He graduated from the University of Arkansas, where he received his bachelor’s degree in marketing management and business administration. Witherspoon later continued his education, earning his graduate degree in banking at Louisiana State University.

Witherspoon went into retail at Dillard’s after college graduation. The sales experience served as a great base for Witherspoon’s future career path. Sales taught him lessons on serving people, answering questions, and giving guidance. After only two years, Witherspoon was beckoned back to Oklahoma. Witherspoon moved to Tulsa, where he began his banking career at Arvest as a teller.

After gaining insights in the banking world, Witherspoon ventured into a new position as marketing director at Arvest. It was back to Arkansas with his wife and their two schnauzers. After three years as marketing director, Witherspoon changed course and became the sales manager of Arvest in Little Rock, Ark. His experience and particular strengths led him to where he is today, Oklahoma City Arvest President. Witherspoon reports to Brad Krieger, Executive Vice President Regional Manager for Kansas and Oklahoma Chairman for Greater Oklahoma City Arvest Bank.

Much like Witherspoon, Arvest has flourished increasingly since he joined the team in 1997. Witherspoon served as an instrumental piece of that astonishing growth, watching Arvest’s Central Arkansas branches prosper from $100 million to more than $1 billion in assets in a matter of years.

Leadership is a strong trait in a president, which Witherspoon takes seriously. He chooses to guide the Arvest team rather than direct them. Witherspoon also believes in motivating his team to achieve their personal goals. “Arvest is in good hands with Ron. He embraces servant leadership and is a welcomed asset to Arvest and Oklahoma,” said Krieger.

Witherspoon will be a great strength for the Oklahoma community; his commitment to people is admirable. In Arkansas, he was on the board of the United Way of Central Arkansas and Junior Achievement and chaired the American Heart Association’s Festival fundraiser. Witherspoon promises the same dedication to Oklahoma and hopes to become involved in the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce.