Fraud Mitigation

Protect Your Bottom Line With These Valuable Services

With fraud on the rise, is your company doing everything it can to protect its accounts? Arvest Bank’s Fraud Mitigation services are designed to help protect your business from various types of fraud and keep your funds safe and secure. To learn more about how to help protect your business from potential fraud, visit our business protection page

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Regardless of size, a business can be a at risk for cyber fraud. Cyber criminals can target the businesses’ employees through phishing and other social engineering attacks, including:

  • Corporate Account Take Over (CATO)
  • Business Email Compromise (BEC)

For more information about how you can protect your business from cyber-attacks, please visit our Education Center by clicking here (Business Protection | Arvest Bank)

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Positive Pay

  • Matches info you provide to checks presented for payment
  • Returns checks that cannot be verified
  • Reduce the threat of forged or altered checks

Positive Pay is a check fraud deterrent service that matches info you provide on checks written against checks presented for payment. Learn More

ACH Fraud Blocker

  • Monitors ACH debit activity on your business account(s)
  • Verifies debits presented for payment have been authorized by your company
  • Unauthorized transactions are flagged for review

ACH Fraud Blocker reduces the number of unauthorized transactions electronically debited from your business account(s). Learn More

Reconciliation Services

  • Full, partial and deposit reconciliation
  • BAI data file
  • Inclearings

Our reconciliation services allow you to spend less time reconciling your accounts and more time running your business.