Credit Card Dispute Form (Not for Fraudulent Activity)

This online dispute form is for Arvest credit card disputes only. For Arvest debit card customers, please call (866) 952-9523 to dispute a transaction.

We may request additional information from you at various stages in this process to assist us in our investigation and to substantiate your claim. To preserve these billing rights, you must notify Arvest Credit Card Division within (60) days of the closing date of the statement on which the error or problem first appeared.

This online credit card dispute form is not intended for fraudulent activity. To report fraud on your credit card, please call (800) 356-8085, select Consumer or Commercial and then select 0 (zero) to speak with a representative.

For help with this form please call (800) 356-8085 for Arvest consumer/personal credit card disputes or (855) 250-8508 for Arvest commercial/business credit card disputes.

Asterisks (*) indicate required fields.


Fraudulent Charge

If you participated in a transaction with this merchant, it is not considered fraud. Please utilize one of the options below for your dispute. If you did not participate in a transaction with this merchant, then this dispute cannot be filed online.

You must contact our fraud department at (800) 356-8085. In order for us to pursue this dispute, we will be required to close your account and initiate an investigation of the fraudulent charges.

Nature of Dispute Recurring Charge
My good faith effort to cancel a recurring charge with the above named merchant has been unsuccessful. I am providing notice within three (3) business days of the next scheduled debit and request that Arvest Credit Card prevent any further debits. I understand that this may result in the cancellation and re-issuance of my current credit card account. For previous charges that occurred after notifying the merchant of cancellation, please provide proof of cancellation.


Nature of Dispute Hotel
Hotel/Motel NO SHOW charges may be disputed if you have the cancellation number that the merchant provided at the time you cancelled your reservation. Without the cancellation numbers we are unable to remove this charge.
Nature of Dispute Merchandise Not Received

You must first attempt to resolve the dispute with the merchant.
Product(s) or Services were not accepted by me or delivered to me as agreed. My good faith effort to resolve this issue with the merchant has been unsuccessful. I will email a copy of the sales receipt, agreement or contract I received from the merchant to or mail to Arvest Credit Card Division.


Did you cancel this order?*

Nature of Dispute Credit Not Posted

Merchant failed to properly post a credit to my account. I will email a copy of the return sales receipt I received from the merchant to or mail to Arvest Credit Card Division. (Note: Merchants have 15 days to post a credit after merchandise is returned).

Nature of Dispute Returned Merchandise

Merchants have 15 days from the day they receive the merchandise back to post a credit to your account. The credit will not include shipping and handling cost. We must have proof of return, what address the merchandise was returned to and who signed for the return. I will email this documentation and will include a description of what was expected and received, reason for return, and the merchant's response to or mailed to Arvest Credit Card Division. Without proof of return we are unable to remove this charge.

If you have attempted to contact the merchant to return your merchandise, and the merchant has failed to respond to you, you may still submit a dispute form for returned merchandise. Please email all correspondence and/or phone call dates with the merchant to or mail to Arvest Credit Card Division.

Nature of Dispute Paid by Other Means

To dispute any charge to your credit card that you paid for by other means you must supply us with one of the following

  • a copy of your receipt, if you paid cash;
  • copy of front & back cancelled check, if paid by check;
  • or copy of credit card statement, if paid using different card number

I will email proof of payment documentation to or mail to Arvest Credit Card Division. Without proof of other means of payment, we are unable to remove this charge.

Nature of Dispute Amount Different

The above mentioned transaction was posted to my account incorrectly or posted to my account multiple times. I will email a copy of the sales receipt that I received from the merchant to or mail to Arvest Credit Card Division.

Please list a description of this charge below in the "Description of Transactions" box.

The correct amount of charge is ______. The amount charged to your account is_____.