Professional Services

Simplify Your Personnel Administration

Employer Advantage is a professional service provider that brings together a team of specialists dedicated to working with business owners. They provide a comprehensive range of services and solutions designed to help you focus on the core functions of your business.

Let the professionals deal with the time-consuming headaches related to personnel issues so you can dedicate more time to running a successful business.

Contact your local business banker at (855) 249-4930 or visit your local branch to learn more about Employer Advantage and how they can benefit your business. 

Risk Management/Workers' Comp Administration

  • Protect yourself and your employees
  • Workers compensation claims management
  • Administration of unemployment claims

Employer Advantage can handle all aspects of Workers’ Compensation and Unemployment claims. 

Payroll Services

  • Substantially reduce payroll tax risk
  • Improve efficiencies

Employer Advantage can handle your employees’ wages with accuracy, dependability and professionalism. They’ll simplify time and attendance, and even manage payroll taxes for companies with five or more employees and an annual payroll of at least $100,000.

Human Resources

  • Learn how to be compliant
  • Get the training you need to supervise employees

Prevent getting trapped in the regulatory maze of handbooks, forms, postings, documentation, I-9s, W-4s, employee training, written job descriptions and other government-mandated employment issues. Trust Employer Advantage for your Human Resource management.

Benefits Administration

  • Personalized support for your employees
  • Help with regulation, insurance and claims
  • Assistance selecting and implementing the best benefit plans for your company

Employer Advantage can either partner with you to select a benefit plan for your company, or can relieve you of the time-consuming administrations of benefits already in place.