Arvest Chip-Enabled Debit Card

Convenient Access to Your Money

  • Use anywhere VISA® is accepted
  • Alternative to writing checks
  • Works in thousands of ATM locations worldwide
  • Visa® Checkout
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The Arvest Chip-enabled debit card is the fast, safe and convenient way to make purchases anywhere Visa® debit is accepted. The amount of your purchase is deducted from your checking account. The card gives you the latest in security by generating a unique code every time you use it at chip-enabled terminals, keeping your account number protected from counterfeiting. When you need cash quickly, your Arvest debit card works at thousands of ATM locations worldwide.

Get your free card with any Arvest Checking Account. To personalize your card, you can choose from a variety of Affinity Card options, including high school cards, artsy cards, military cards and more. Affinity Cards are free when opening a new account or replacing an expired card. Affinity Cards are available for $7.50 for existing customers with a current card.

Arvest Affinity and Specialty Cards

In addition to our standard debit card, Arvest offers a variety of affinity cards, allowing you to show your support for various organizations, schools and activities. Artistic and whimsical designs are also available.

  • Arvest affinity cards are a free option for new accounts or replacing an expired card.
  • There is a $7.50 fee to replace any other debit card.
  • Your current card number will not change when ordering one of these cards.
  • Please allow 5-7 business days for your card to arrive.
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Visa® Checkout

Buying online is streamlined with Visa® Checkout. Securely store your Arvest Visa® debit card and shipping information and access them to check out on any website where Visa® Checkout is accepted. To register or to sign up, visit Visa® Checkout

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