Mortgage Servicing Fee Schedule

Mortgage Related Fees and Costs

Common and Miscellaneous Fees Amount
Returned Payment Processing Fee $25.00
(Or as allowed by State Law)
Recording of Release of Mortgage/Deed of Trust, etc. $0.00 - $550.00 (Varies by State/County)
Collateral Adjustment Processing Fee: Conventional Loan $0.00 - $500.00 (Varies by State)
Collateral Adjustment Processing Fee: FHA Loan $0.00 - $110.00 (Varies by State)
Appraisal $315.00 - $650.00
Brokers Price Opinion (BPO)/Comparative or
Competitive Market Analysis/Default Collateral Analysis
$100.00 - $150.00
Principal Reduction Re-Amortization Processing Fee $0.00 - $500.00 (Varies by State)
Waive Escrow Account 1/4 of 1% of the unpaid principal balance
($150 minimum - $50 non-refundable)
Payoff Quote Fax Fee $0.00 - $15.00 (Varies by State)
Agreement to Trust Processing Fee Call for Quote (Varies by State)
Assumptions Call for Quote (Varies by State)
Property Preservation Actual Cost Incurred
(If the property is vacant and/or abandoned, contractors may be hired to insure the preservation of the property.)
Property Inspection $0.00 - $50.00

All fees are charged in accordance with state, federal and investor guidelines.


Effective May 7, 2020 – Fees subject to change

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