To report Identity Theft or financial fraud, please contact Customer Service immediately: (866) 952-9523

To report suspicious email messages, phone calls or text messages, please forward the message, or send a description of the call, to:

To Report a lost or stolen card, please contact Customer Service or use our Contact Us page:

Privacy and Security

Learn More About Fraud And How To Protect Your Accounts

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

Learn about Identity Theft and financial fraud. How do these threats occur and what can you do about it?

These authoritative resources offer helpful and informative guidance on:

  • Identity theft
  • Online scams
  • Fake check scams
  • Credit card fraud
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Reporting Fraud

If you notice a fraudulent transaction or become a victim of Identity Theft, it’s important that you notify us immediately. This includes:

  • Fraudulent or suspicious transactions
  • Identity Theft
  • Lost or stolen cards
  • Suspicious calls, emails or text messages


Privacy Policy
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Arvest’s Privacy Policy explains the types of information we collect and retain related to your accounts and transaction.

Learn more about how:

  • we protect information
  • we may share it, and
  • you may limit our sharing

You may also tell us about your preferences for marketing phone calls and promotional email.