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Can I pay bills using Mobile Banking?
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Yes, you can pay bills using mobile banking.

With Arvest Go mobile banking, you can pay existing payees you have set up within Arvest BillPay, as well as set up and pay new payees. To access this feature on Arvest Go, log in and select the $ at the bottom of the screen, then select Make a Payment or select the menu in the top left and select Payments. Enter the requested information to schedule your payment.  You are also able to enroll in BillPay from within the Arvest Go app.

With Arvest mobile web banking, Arvest BillPay is also available. All payees are added to mobile web banking by default. If you do not want to see all payees in mobile web banking, select the Arvest mobile banking tab inside Online Banking with BlueIQ™ on your computer and select Payees from the submenu to choose the payees you wish to no longer see in mobile web banking.

Mobile Text/SMS Banking does not support bill payments.

Fees may apply for BillPay.


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