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Whether you find yourself dealing with day-to-day finances, making important buying decisions or planning for the long term, Arvest Bank wants to help answer your life's financial questions. The Arvest Bank Education Center provides educational information right at your fingertips.

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Learn more about buying your ride. Arvest offers articles and calculators to help you determine your budget and what type of vehicle is the best fit for you. 

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No matter how smart you are with your money, chances are you could use some helpful tips. Review these articles for ideas on how you can spend smarter, save more and enjoy a more secure financial future.

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Basic finance education from Arvest Bank


Responsible credit management starts with being informed. Learn more about debt management and credit reports. Our calculators can help you decide if consolidating your debt makes sense for your budget.

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Credit management education from Arvest Bank


It’s never too early to begin helping your child save for their college education. With scholarships in high demand and low availability, it’s important to include an education savings plan as a part of your budget.

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Fraud and identity theft can strike anyone almost anywhere. We offer a number of tips you can use to help limit your chances of becoming a victim.  

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Fraud and id theft education from Arvest Bank


Buying a home is an investment. We have information here to help you with that process. Our articles and calculators can be helpful in determining what type of mortgage may make the most sense for you.

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Protecting your assets, health and paycheck are important to your financial well-being. This information covers a wide range of information about insurance and can help you evaluate your current coverage.

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Insurance education from Arvest Bank


When determining how to invest your money, it’s important to understand the market and your specific goals. These articles introduce a wealth of options. Arvest also offers investment calculators to help you crunch the numbers.

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Teaching your kids how to be smart with money should start when they are young. Here are some good ideas for talking to your kids about money and the importance of saving and using credit responsibly.

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Saving for retirement and setting up trusts for future generations can be a complex process. This information can help you learn about  retirement and trust topics. Our calculators can also illustrate savings over time.

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