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Branch and ATM

Find an Arvest Bank Branch or ATM location in your area.

Mobile Banking allows you to perform everyday banking functions using a mobile device. For example, you can access your account balances and review your most recent account activity without being tied to a computer. Mobile Banking consists of three separate – but complementary – services. Many customers choose to use more than one method based on their needs.

  • Mobile Banking Text/SMS gives you the ability to access basic account information and make transfers using text messages.
  • Mobile Banking Mobile Web delivers many online banking functions using your phone’s mobile web browser, optimized for viewing on a small screen.
  • Mobile Banking Applications use a downloadable app for an enhanced experience designed for your phone. Arvest Mobile Banking is currently available for download for iPhone® and Android devices. Additional apps will soon be available for Android® and Blackberry® devices.
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Text/SMS Banking Commands (Text to 36272)

  • BAL – Receive account balances. (Available balance for deposit accounts is the current balance of the account plus pending credits minus any holds or pending debits.)
  • BAL [nickname] – Receive the balance of the nicknamed account. Example: bal chk1
  • HIST [nickname] – Returns the history for that account. Example: hist chk1
  • LAST – Returns a list of your most recent transactions posted.
  • LAST [nickname] – Returns the most recent transactions for that account. Example: last chk1
  • TRA [from acct nickname 1] [to acct nickname 2] [amount] – Transfers funds between two accounts. Example: tra chk1 sav 25
  • ATM [zipcode] – Returns a list of the bank’s ATM nearby. Example: atm 94949
  • BRANCH [zipcode] – Returns a list of the bank’s branches nearby. Example: branch 94949
  • HELP – Returns a list of text commands and Customer Service information
  • STOP – Deactivates mobile banking from phone.

Customer Service

Getting Started

Mobile Banking enrollment takes place after you log in to Arvest Online Banking at and select the Mobile Banking tab at the top of the screen. Follow the instructions provided on the signup screens to complete the process. You will need to have your device with you and will need the ability to receive a text message.

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