Multiple options to move money quickly, securely and efficiently.

Initiate wires electronically through our online banking solution, Cash Manager, or through non-electronic channels, and quickly process domestic and international wire payments. A wire transfer can be sent the following ways:

Cash Manager Initiated Wires

Initiate wire transfers through Arvest’s business online banking platform, Cash Manager. Grant or limit controls at the user level, including optional dual control which is a fraud prevention and internal control feature. Leverage recurring, post dated, and reusable template functionality. You will also have access to 90 days of wire history and can set up notifications for all incoming wires. 

Call us at (877) 849-2274 for more information.

PIN Based Telephone Wires

Once a Business Wire Agreement is in place, your authorized representatives will be provided a PIN and will place a call directly to the Arvest Wire Department to request a wire transfer. By providing the pre-established PIN, the appropriate user verifications can be obtained.

Call us at (866) 952-9523 for more information. 

In-Person Wires

An authorized representative can go to any Arvest branch to initiate a wire transfer. 

Wire Processing Cut-off Times

  • Initiating domestic wire transfers: 4:00p.m. CT. 
  • Initiating international wires: 3:00p.m. CT. 
  • All incoming wire transfers for same day credit: 5:00p.m. CT. 

Key Benefits of Wires

  • Same-day money management and availability for domestic wires (in most cases). 
  • Wire detail retention for future use. 
  • Ability to establish approval processes for enhanced internal controls.

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