Check Reconciliation Services

Check Reconciliation Services

Automatically Reconcile Checks Paid Against Your Business

Arvest offers several reconciliation plans to help you monitor disbursements and keep track of outstanding payments.

Full Reconciliation: Provides your business with the most detailed and comprehensive report of activity in your account. Arvest compares information on checks you have issued with checks that have been paid each month. Consolidated reports will notate paid, unpaid, void and cancelled checks.

Full Reconciliation is often paired with Positive Pay to maximize fraud prevention.

Partial Reconciliation: Provides a list of all checks paid during the most recent cycle. No information is required for checks you have issued during the month. Reports list checks with the respective date paid and amount.

Deposit Reconciliation: Make deposits at any Arvest Branch or via Remote Deposit Capture into a single checking account. Daily reports list each deposit location, providing your company with useful audit trails.

Deposit Reconciliation

Allows businesses with multiple depositing locations or departments to have one depository account with Arvest Bank while maintaining audit control over the source of each deposit. 

Key Benefits of Reconciliation Services:

  • Reduce the number of exceptions from posting errors
  • Accelerate check research and problem resolution
  • Simplify accounting tasks
  • Improve audit controls through third-party involvement
  • Reduce expenses by eliminating multiple deposit accounts and deposit transfers
  • Concentrate deposits in a single account to cover disbursement needs and take advantage of investment opportunities

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