Estate Settlement Services

Estate Settlement Services

Smooth & Timely Settlement of Your Estate or Trust

Mourning the loss of a loved one is a stressful experience for families and loved ones. Hiring a team of professionals as full-time administrators of a trust or estate allows your family to focus on being together in a time of mourning.

Arvest Wealth Management's Estate Settlement services provide an experienced, trained and impartial team of individuals who will oversee the complex details of your estate administration and court process. Our professional services ensure the smooth and timely settlement of your estate or trust.

The Benefits of Working with Arvest include:
  • Professional, experienced administration of your assets
  • Locating legal documents/assessing fiduciary responsibility
  • Professional income and estate tax coordination and completion
  • Gathering/safeguarding/valuation of assets for estate purposes and determining proper ownership (financial/real estate/personal assets)
  • Managing discretionary issues - timing and process
  • Coordinating payment of claims and debts of the estate
  • Financial accounting to and communication with beneficiaries
  • Impartial dispute resolution
  • Ongoing administration for future generations (when needed)

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