Treasury Management Services

Full Reconciliation

Using data your business provides about checks that have been issued, Arvest can match checks issued vs. checks paid and report:

  • Checks paid as issued
  • Outstanding checks
  • Exception items

Partial Reconciliation

Arvest provides a list or database of all checks paid on the checking account during the most recent statement cycle.

Deposit Reconciliation

Allows businesses with multiple depositing locations or departments to have one depository account with Arvest Bank while maintaining audit control over the source of each deposit. 

Bank Administration Institute (BAI) Data File

A standardized format for transmission of external data, which is generally used by businesses with a large volume of daily transactions.


Enables you to review the checks the Federal Reserve and other Correspondent Banks are sending to the bank that will be posted to your account in the next nightly processing run. This feature allows you to better manage excess funds.

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