Certificate of Deposit (CD) Loans & Lines of Credit

Your Arvest Accounts Can Secure Your Loans

At Arvest, we want to ensure we're doing everything we can to help you get the funds you need. If you have money in a certificate of deposit account, you can use that as collateral when you apply for a secured loan or line of credit. Take a look below at the different options available at Arvest and apply today! 

For more information, schedule an appointment or call our personal loan specialists at (855) 662-5626.

If you have a Certificate of Deposit, you can use that as collateral to get a secured loan that will be paid back in installments over a period of time.

Another way to use your CD is to obtain a line of credit, which differs from a loan in that you can draw from your line of credit as needed and repay it based on how much of it you've used. You can also redraw from the credit and repay it as needed until the maturity date.

Arvest Bank only accepts applications from Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. If you are submitting an application from outside of these areas, we appreciate your interest but cannot offer lending services at this time. However, if the collateral you are purchasing/refinancing is located in our lending area, we may be able to help! Call our lending specialists at (855) 662-5626 to discuss your specific financing needs.

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