Fraud Alerts Program Overview

Fraud Alerts Program Overview

Fraud alerts to help protect you!

Tools like text alerts and one-time passcodes help to keep your debit card safe from fraud.

How text alerts work:

  • If we detect suspicious activity on your personal debit card, we'll send you a text alert.
  • Yes or No questions will help us determine whether a transaction on your debit card is valid or if it's fraud.



What we will do when we're trying to verify a transaction:

  • Ask if you're available to review a text alert message
  • Ask you to verify a purchase with a Yes or No response, but we won't ask you to click a link 

Text alerts will come from 23-618


What we will never do:

  • Pressure you to act quickly or threaten to close your account
  • Initiate contact to ask for personal info link
    • Account numbers
    • PIN codes
    • Passwords
    • Social Security numbers or birthdates

Know how to protect yourself:

  • Only give personal info if you initiate contact with a trusted Arvest customer service source
  • Think twice before clicking a link or opening an attachment
  • Check your account balance and transactions often

If someone claiming to be from Arvest contacts you to ask for personal info or pressures you to act quickly, it's likely a scam. Don't respond; instead, contact us at (866) 952-9523 or

Make sure your contact info is current so you don't miss an alert.

How to update my info (PDF)

How one-time passcodes work

  • To complete certain online transactions with your personal debit card, we'll send you a one-time passcode by text or email.
  • Once you receive it, enter the code into the designated box and click "Submit" to complete your transaction. 

One-time passcodes will come from (877) 866-8298 or 

Debit Card Fraud Alerts Program Overview

This section pertains to text alerts only. One-time passcodes do not apply to this overview.

Messaging frequency depends on account activity. 
For more information, text HELP to 23618. 

Cancellation Process:

To cancel fraud text messaging services at any time, reply STOP to any alert from your mobile device.

Support Services:

For Fraud Alerts support, call (866) 440-9346.


By giving us your mobile number, you agree that Fraud Alerts text messaging is authorized to notify you of suspected incidents of financial or identity fraud. 

HELP instructions:

Text HELP to 23618 for help or call (866) 440-9346.

STOP instructions: 

Text STOP to 23618 to cancel.

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