Website Payment Capture

Website Payment Capture

Accept Online Payments From Your Customers

Our Website Payment Capture service leverages the latest technology to help your business deliver a flexible platform to empower your customers while keeping you in control. Arvest provides and manages the infrastructure for Website Payment Capture.

Your customer payments can also be consolidated by loading them into the Arvest Receivables Capture Hub (ARCH), with payments made through Remote Deposit Capture, Mailed Payment Capture and Onsite Payment Capture.

How Website Payment Capture Works:

  • A robust cloud platform gets you up and running faster.
  • Your branding is featured throughout the Website Payment Capture platform.
  • Your website allows customers to view their bills and make payments at home, in the office or on the go, using their preferred card or electronic bank draft payment method.
  • Your billing models, including regular and recurring payments, are streamlined.
  • Options for complete and accurate file downloads with payee names, amounts and account numbers to simplify payment posting are available.

Key Benefits of Website Payment Capture:

  • Enhance customer satisfaction by providing secure, convenient payment options, including the ability to view their bill online.
  • Improve branding for your business.
  • Speed up cash to your balance sheet, eliminating up to five days compared to checks.
  • Provide the latest innovations and the highest standards for data security.
  • Reduce data entry and payment processing costs.

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