Commercial Bank Account Options

Commercial Bank Account Options

Earn Interest on Your Account Balance

This interest-bearing account is available to all business entity types, benefiting businesses with larger balances. Available earnings credit allowances apply. 

Benefits of the Commercial Business Interest Checking Account Include:

  • Interest paid on daily collected balance at current checking rate*
  • Maintenance Fees**:
    • Monthly maintenance fee: $18
    • Per credit/debit item: $0.30
    • Deposited per item:
      • Arvest Bank: $0.07
      • Non-Arvest banks: $0.12
  • Electronic deposits (per item): $0.15
  • Negative collected balances are charged at the current legal lending interest rate
  • Minimum opening balance: $100

*This rate is variable and may change at any time. 

**Maintenance fees may be offset by an earnings credit allowance, which is a rate applied to certain balances kept in these accounts. The resulting amount is applied toward most account maintenance fees that appear on your monthly statement. Most expenses on these accounts are totally avoided when the earnings credit is equal to or exceeds the account’s maintenance fee.

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