Family Card Application

Add an Arvest Family Card - Online Application

Your son just left for college, your daughter is out shopping with friends, but because you have the Arvest Family Card, your mind is completely at ease.

With the Arvest Family Card you can get a personalized credit card for family members (or trusted friends or household employees) that can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. With the Arvest Family Card, you set the spending limits for each card, adjust them at any point, and track it all in real-time—giving you the control you want, while allowing your teen or college-aged family members to learn about managing a budget.

To add a Family Card to your existing Arvest credit card, please complete the fields below with your information. Upon approval, you will receive your Arvest Family Card(s) in the mail within 2 weeks. Your new Arvest Family Card will be mailed to the address currently on file for your main credit card account.

I already have an Arvest Credit Card and I would like to add a Family Card to my card