Money Market Accounts

Money Market Accounts

Earn More Interest on a High Balance with a Money Market Account from Arvest

Explore financial flexibility and growth with Arvest's money market accounts, where security meets profitability. These accounts blend the best of both worlds, offering higher interest rates like a savings account with similar flexibility and access as a checking account.

Ideal for those seeking to maximize their earnings without sacrificing accessibility, our money market accounts are designed to support your financial journey, whether you're building an emergency fund, planning a significant purchase or optimizing your savings strategy. A money market pays a better interest rate than traditional savings accounts for those who maintain higher balances. 

  •  Interest paid on daily collected balance at the current money market rate on balances as follows:
    • $0-$2,499.99
    • $2,500-$9,999.99
    • $10,000-$99,999.99
    • $100,000-$249,999.99
    • $250,000-$4,999,999.99
    • $5,000,000+
  •  Unlimited Arvest ATM withdrawals using an Arvest debit card (with a checking account relationship)
  •  Unlimited deposits, up to six withdrawals per statement cycle.*
  •  Itemized monthly statement

Ready to elevate your saving strategy? Open an Arvest money market account today and start your journey toward smarter saving and investing.

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