Overdraft Coverage Options

Cover Overdrafts With a Linked Account

SafetyLink provides protection by covering overdrafts of a personal checking account with transfers from funds in a linked Money Market or Savings Account.

  • Automatically transfers from a linked account
  • Brings checking account to a $0 balance
  • $10 fee per transfer

SafetyLink protects your checking account against overdrafts:

  • Funds checking account to a zero balance – Transfers are made in an amount needed to return your checking account to a zero balance (including assessed fees) after the completion of daily processing.
  • Limit of six transfers per monthly statement cycle — This number may be reduced by other transactions made on your savings or money market account, as both account types allow a limited number of transactions per statement cycle.
  • $10 fee per transfer – Each day a SafetyLink transfer is made to cover overdrafts, a fee of $10 is assessed. Once you reach your SafetyLink transaction limit, additional items are returned and charged a $17 NSF fee per item.
  • Debit card transactions – Your debit card transactions are authorized only for the amount in your checking account. Balances in your linked account are not considered when authorizing transactions at the point-of-sale.

If your funding account balance does not cover the overdraft on your checking account, we will transfer funds to cover the fee and then pay items according to our posting order.

When we are unable to pay items clearing your checking account with funds from a linked Savings or Money Market account, those items will be returned and an insufficient funds fee of $17 will be assessed for each item returned. Additional merchant fees may apply. If there are items we are unable to return, we will assess an insufficient funds fee of $17 for each item paid into a negative balance unless the item is a preauthorized one time debit card purchase or an ATM transaction.

Please review the SafetyLink Transfer Agreement for complete details on this program. Ask an associate for assistance.

If You Have Questions Or Need Assistance

  • Find your local arvest branch